Buildings: Representative Industrial/Facility Projects

Barnhart Press, Omaha, NE
An existing building, originally constructed in the early 1900’s, needed the removal of a 20 ft. long load-bearing brick wall to allow installation of a new press.  Steel beams supported by columns on helical piling were utilized.  An 80 ft. x 12 ft x 3 ft. concrete mat was designed to support the press.

Drake-Williams’ Hickory Street Facility Improvements, Omaha, NE
An existing pre-engineered metal building was to be converted to a rebar fabrication shop and needed new bridge cranes.  We provided steel framing necessary to create a new crane-rail system for two 7.5 ton cranes.  Two new jib cranes were also provided.

Mann’s Taste Tradition, Omaha, NE
Additions to an existing food processing facility in three locations.  A small masonry and steel joist boiler room addition, a one-story office area with precast walls and steel joist roof, and an 18,000 s.f. warehouse addition comprised of precast exterior walls, loading docks, and steel framing.  This project involved extensive study and construction detailing to ensure good coordination with existing features, new wall openings for access to additions, and re-use of some precast wall panels.

Rembrandt Egg Facility, Rembrandt, IA
A one-story food processing facility comprised of precast concrete walls and steel framing.  Two partial mezzanines were included which were constructed of steel framing and hollow core planks.  Foundations for multiple large silos were designed.

US Postal Service Kansas City FSS, Kansas City, MO
An existing three story post-tensioned flat slab building (previously a storage warehouse) was occupied by the U.S. Postal Service on two lower floors and the upper floor was to be prepared for installation of two large Flat Sequence Sorting units.  5000 s.f. of new mezzanine was constructed just above the third floor and a100 foot tall stair tower was designed along the side for additional fire exiting.  Almost 100,000 s.f. of topping slab was added to provide a level floor that could be bolted to for the equipment deployment.

US Postal Service Denver FSS, Denver, CO
Design/Build Solicitation Documents and Design/Build Reviewer for a 150,000 s.f. one-story mail processing addition to an existing USPS facility.  The construction involved steel framing, roof joists, precast wall panels, and multiple loading docks.

Cummins Central Power, Omaha, NE
Design/build project which involved a one-story shop wing and a two-story office and warehouse wing, both constructed of precast load-bearing exterior walls and steel beam and joist framing.  The design included a 20 ton bridge crane, a 5 ton bridge crane and a 2 ton crane. 

Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, NE

  • Millard Water Tower – Investigate tower for degree of out-of-plumbness.  Interpret results of 3D scans taken during filling of tank.
  • Operating Center Garage – Future Floor Investigation:  Review original plans to determine feasibility of adding floor above existing garage.

Douglas County Facilities, Douglas County, NE

  • DC Correctional Center – Crack Monitoring – An existing jail facility was undergoing cracking throughout a cell area.  We monitored the crack widths over a period of about a year and reported the results and our analysis of the cause and proper course of action.
  • DC Health Center – Handicap Ramp – Design of a stair and ramp structure against an existing building. 
  • DC Health Center – Cavanaugh Solarium – Design of two three-story additions to the side of an existing care facility.  Each addition involved a new lounge area for residents.  Each was constructed of concrete foundations and walls, with steel framing and brick veneer.
  • DC Health Center - New Canopy – A steel framed entrance canopy with tubes and concrete columns was designed for an existing care facility.

Barnhart Press Structural Repair/Reinforcement, Omaha, NE
An existing, 75+ year old building was utilized as a press room for a printing company and the building was altered to accommodate a new press.  The work consisted of permanent steel framing for a 20 foot long wall opening in an existing multi-wythe brick load-bearing wall.  The framing was supported by helical piling.  Also included was the design of a concrete pad foundation to support an 80 foot long press. Design had to accommodate a maximum settlement of 0.3mm/m.

MUD – Florence Plant Structure Modifications for Crane Addition, Omaha, NE
Design support beams for crane.  Design alternate support for floor at new opening which required removal of existing beams and columns.  

MUD – Florence Plant Primary Basin Truss Support Uplift, Omaha, NE
Investigate significance of uplift of truss at support.

Workman Precast – Grease Interceptor, Louisville, NE
Design/Drawings/Details for precast boxes to be placed underground and used as grease interceptors by restaurants. 

MUD – Skyline Reservoir Crane Cargo Basket Investigation, Elkhorn, NE 
Investigate capacity of cargo basket added to crane.

Sky Shade attachment to CU’s Russell Child Development Center, Omaha, NE
Creighton University wanted to install a canopy to block the direct sun on the children’s playground area.  The project involved working with Sky Shade USA and Creighton University to design and detail the canopy connections to the existing building roof framing structure.  Individual pier foundation recommendations were also provided. 

The Lund Company – Overland Wolf Building HVAC Retrofit, Omaha, NE
Investigated adequacy of roof structure and provided recommendations regarding location of replacement HVAC equipment.

The Lund Company – Regency Energy Plant Renovation, Omaha, NE
The original energy plant provided electrical power to several buildings in the Regency development.  The energy plant no longer serves as many buildings and can meet demand with smaller, more efficient equipment.  The study investigated the feasibility of relocating and consolidating the equipment into the basement in order to free up additional usable space.  The study also considered the feasibility of adding an additional floor on top of the existing structure.  

OPPD – Substation Noise Wall, Omaha, NE
Interpreted noise study results to determine layout and height of noise walls at the substation located at 168th and Pacific Street.  Designed wall and foundations elements and developed construction documents.  Coordinated between the client and precaster to select panel architectural finishes.

OPPD - Distribution Pole Life Extension, Omaha, NE
Development of an Asset Management & Maintenance Planning Program in order to extend the life of the Omaha Public Power District’s (OPPD) distribution poles.  A database analysis tool was developed to efficiently compile pole ground line section property and loading information to determine if replacement could safely be prolonged.  The program involved distribution system inventory, condition assessment, and decision analysis and provides another avenue for OPPD to better manage its valuable distribution pole assets.

OPPD – Arbor Rail Line Bridge Inspection, Nebraska City, NE
Provided professional engineering services for the inspection of 60 steel, concrete, and timber structures on the Omaha Public Power District’s Arbor Rail Line.  The work included field inspection, project administration, and report preparation.  Purpose of this annual project is to assess structure condition and provide support for rail line operation and maintenance planning.  

FAA – Runway 30L Navigation towers at Minneapolis, MN Airport
Analysis and modification of existing navigation towers/truss used on Runway 30L (MSP).  The existing towers were modified to allow the placement of an advanced phased lighting system.  Strict tolerances were required to provide both the required clearances and light-plane.  Two of the towers were severely out of plumb.  TA devised a method to restore these towers to vertical with minimal disruption.  Due to the high volume of air traffic along this landing corridor, minimal time disruption during construction was paramount.

OPPD - North Omaha Chimney Demolition, Omaha, NE
Review of demolition plan and structural analysis of existing concrete chimney to determine if an opening could be cut to allow a front end loader to enter the structure for debris removal.

MUD – Minne Lusa Pumping Station
Modification of existing roof structure to accommodate the placement of a 20-ton crane for maintaining and re-locating water pump equipment.  This project involved the modification of steel trusses fabricated in 1920.  Hence attention to the material properties associated with Pre A7 steel was required.

MUD – Primary Basin Truss Modification
Modification of existing trusses spanning over the primary clarification basins at the Florence station.  The modification was required to allow the placement of a new gear-box and motor for the existing impeller.

MUD – Maintenance Yard Crane
Analysis of existing pre-cast elements to allow the placement of a 5-ton crane.  This facility is used for maintaining MUD’s fleet of vehicles, therefore clearance issues were important.

Qwest – Distribution Pole Application Support
Collect field data and perform analysis to determine in place distribution line stringing information.  Complete application and submit to power company for evaluation of co-locating communication and power distribution conductors. Over 50,000 cable footage investigated.

Trinity Wireless – Structure Condition Assessments
Performed condition assessment to determine levels of twist, sway, and out of plumb for self supporting towers in Nebraska.  Analysis of site to accommodate additional antennae loading was also performed.

MUD – Structural Investigation and Report
Investigation of structural damage and masonry deterioration at MUD’s Operating Center Rooftop Parking Garage, Florence Water Treatment Plant, Chemical Building, and Downtown Parking Garage.  Downtown Parking Garage Investigation and Report was updated in 2006.

MUD – Cable Tray Support Structure
Designed steel framing to support cable tray and catwalk at MUD’s LNG facility at 108th and Fort Streets in Omaha, NE

Telecommunications – Wireless Build Support Services, Various Locations
Extensive experience in the structural analysis of existing guyed and self-supporting towers (GT/SS), monopoles (MP), water towers/tanks (WT), chimneys (CH), rooftops (RT) and other special structures.  Co-location analysis and modification of support structures to allow installation of wireless antennas and related equipment.  The adequacy of tower and pole foundations was also investigated.   A few of the wireless carriers include Alltel, Sprint, AT&T, Qwest, Cricket, Trinity, Nextel, and Iowa Wireless.

Structure Condition Assessments, Various Locations

  • 3,000 sq ft Commercial @ 6058 Ames Street – 2006 (Omaha, NE)
  • 40,400 sq ft Office/Warehouse @ 4805 G Street – 2005 (Omaha, NE)
  • 16,800 sq ft Office/Warehouse @ 6596 South 118th Street – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • 16,400 sq ft Office/Warehouse @ 2132 South 156th Circle – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • Cedar Heights Clubhouse @ 54th & Grover – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • CBRE – Parking Garage (2021 Douglas) Condition Assessment – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • L&D Reload @ 4310 Gibson Road, Warehouse Slab Cracking – 2003 (Omaha, NE)
  • Mid-City OB/GYN @ 7205 West Center Road – 2002 (Omaha, NE)
  • Parking Structure @ 3535 Harney Street - 1999 (Omaha, NE)