Buildings: Representative Commercial/Retail/Institutional Projects

Scottsbluff High School – West Entrance, Scottsbluff, NE
 A 15,000 square foot addition to an existing high school involving re-use of some existing building portions and new construction.  This included a tie-in structure between two separate wings of the high school.  Steel framing on concrete foundations with some load bearing masonry walls.

United Republic Bank, Omaha, NE
 A two story bank facility comprised of steel framing, masonry walls and concrete foundation.  The design included numerous cantilevered roof extensions.

Immanuel Lakeside Hospital, Omaha, NE
 Design Development Phase Services of a multi-wing one and two story long term care facility.  This included a chapel area with vaulted roof and tied into an existing facility.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Various Locations

  • Macy - Jail Renovation – An existing one-story jail facility was renovated and involved structural repairs to some cracked walls and concrete walkways.
  • Eagle Butte and Mission – Structural study of two existing office buildings.  The study focused on the capability of supporting high density filing systems and developing an estimate of the cost of strengthening the structure to accomplish this.
  • Crow Creek – An existing elementary school was undergoing serious foundation movements and distress and the structural report outlined necessary work to mitigate the foundation movements and secure the structure against safety-related failures.

Seidler Building Renovation, Omaha, NE
Structural design of various support framing for a complete renovation of an existing grocery store building into a proposed cultural art center.

Burton Prosthetics, Omaha, NE
Remodel of exiting one-story wood framed office building.  Remove load bearing and non-load bearing interior partition walls.

First Congregational Church, Council Bluffs, IA
Structural analysis and design of new steel and wood framing necessary to support a 100 year old church roof truss system.  This involved intensive on-site investigations to determine the cause of truss sagging and eventually design of a new support system to ensure on-going structural safety of the roof framing.

Creston House, Council Bluffs, IA
An existing three story, 100 year old building renovation included the addition of a new elevator shaft and stairway, structural support of new HVAC equipment, and the design of a new fire exit stairway off the rear of the building.

Chipotle, Various Locations

  • Birmingham, AL – Gutting and re-building an existing restaurant building to meet a new restaurant franchise style.
  • West Des Moines, IA – Structural engineering analysis of an existing roof structure in a mall to accommodate new HVAC units, new ramp/stair entrance, and framing for a new wing-wall sign structure attached to the side of the mall.
  • Stillwater, OK – A new franchise building design – one story wood framed construction.

Hrdlicka Photography, Omaha, NE
A one-story steel framed building for a photo studio on a concrete basement wall foundation.  The building also included a partial framed mezzanine with irregular layouts and moveable walls.

Monarch Place – Pad Site 3, LaVista, NE
A one-story 12,000 s.f. retail facility with complex signage and entrance framing in the front.  Steel framing on masonry walls and concrete spread footings.

Village Pointe South – Phase II, Omaha, NE
A two-story 28,000 s.f. retail facility with complex signage and entrance framing in front, separate canopy structures and a second floor office area.  Steel framed construction.

UMB Bank at Village Pointe South, Omaha, NE
A two-story 12,000 s.f. bank building with steel framed construction (composite steel floors) and attached drive-through canopy.

Slavic Church, Lincoln, NE
A two-story wood framed fellowship wing was attached to a main sanctuary.  The two story wing was comprised of ICF formed walls and pre-engineered wood trusses.  The sanctuary was constructed of ICF walls and steel beam and joist construction.

Village Pointe South, Omaha, NE
Design one-story 25,400 SF retail shopping center structure.  Building was steel framed with bar joist and metal deck roof.  Roof line varied and had unique architectural features.

Richmont Pointe, Bellevue, NE
Structural design of 60’ x 190’ one-story office structure with 60’x60’ upper floor.  Wood roof trusses supported on steel framing.

Monarch Place, LaVista, NE
Structural design of a 12,000 SF one story retail facility with unique architectural entrance framing.  Steel framing on concrete spread footings.  Architectural masonry block (formblock ) retaining wall on the north elevation.

Montessori Center – West Maple School Addition, Omaha, NE
Review of structural design and completion of structural design for a fast-track addition to an existing structure.  Structural elements included steel bar joists and metal deck, wood trusses and masonry walls.

2602 Leavenworth Building, Omaha, NE
Structural condition assessment and renovation design support for removal of second floor partition walls.

Dreamland Theater, Carson, Iowa
Roof condition assessment and improvements of early 1900’s era structure.  Existing roof trusses and framing showed signs of distress due to overload.

AI Place, Omaha, NE
Structural design of a 16,300 SF one story retail facility with all brick veneer.  Steel framing on concrete spread footings.

Foundation Flooring Mezzanine, Omaha, NE
Tenant improvements at Stonegate Center, Building 2, bays 1 and 2 involved addition of second floor mezzanine with stair access.

Boyer-Young Office Building, LaVista, NE
Design of a two story steel framed office building with cast-in-place, reinforced concrete foundation walls and a wood framed gabled/hip roof.  Upper/attic level designed for office storage loads.  Also incorporated a drive through canopy (steel framed, wood roof) and a curved staircase.

One California Building, Omaha, NE
Design of a 5 story steel framed office building.  Extensive use of composite beams was required due to clear span and client loading requirements.

Village Pointe East, Omaha, NE
Design of a two building complex.  One two story building and a single story structure.  Several cantilevered screen walls were incorporated into this project.

Mid City Bank, Omaha, NE
Design of a masonry and steel framed structure.  A large tube framed canopy and heavily reinforced floor slab under the bank vault were key design elements.

Service Reps Warehouse, Omaha, NE
Design of a one story, 4,500 sq ft mixed office/warehouse facility.  Conventional CIP reinforced foundations, masonry walls, and bar joist / metal deck roof structure.  Design considered possible future expansion.

Strip Mall 120th and Blondo, Omaha, NE
Design of 7000 square foot Steel beam/Column structure.  Remainder of structure framed with steel joists and metal studs.  Design needed to match existing structure already on property.

Better Business Bureau, Omaha, NE
Design of 7000 square foot concrete masonry and steel beam/column structure.  Unique architectural features include a ramp supported on a single beam and several 10-foot cantilevered steel canopies with a maximum thickness of 5 inches.
* * WINNER 2003 NCMA Award of Honor: Commercial * *

Witherspoon Building, Omaha, NE
Project was a renovation of a 100-year old warehouse (masonry construction).  Incorporation of several stairways utilizing the existing masonry was required.

Peter Kiewit Son’s Parking Structure Rehabilitation, Omaha, NE
Field investigation, mapping and determination of causes of parking structure deterioration. 

Creighton University, Lied Education Center for the Arts, Omaha, NE
Design of 64,000 square foot, $11 million reinforced concrete slab, joist, and beam structure.

Fine Arts Building, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE
Design of complete foundation system including piles, pile caps, grade beams, and basement retaining walls.  Design of structural steel framing system for the Art Gallery.

Prefabricated Building Foundation/Slab on Grade Designs, Various Locations

  • Ted Sondgeroth Warehouse - 2006 (Walnut, IA) 
  • Hansen Auto Body - 2004 (Omaha, NE) 
  • J J Laundry  - 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • Apache Camper Center, Inc. - 2003 (Bellevue, NE) 
  • Kiewit Materials Company, Satellite Building Foundation - 2002 (Fort Calhoun, NE)

Structure Condition Assessments, Various Locations

  • 3,000 sq ft Commercial @ 6058 Ames Street – 2006 (Omaha, NE)
  • 40,400 sq ft Office/Warehouse @ 4805 G Street – 2005 (Omaha, NE)
  • 16,800 sq ft Office/Warehouse @ 6596 South 118th Street – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • 16,400 sq ft Office/Warehouse @ 2132 South 156th Circle – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • Cedar Heights Clubhouse @ 54th & Grover – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • L&D Reload @ 4310 Gibson Road, Warehouse Slab Cracking – 2003 (Omaha, NE)
  • Mid-City OB/GYN @ 7205 West Center Road – 2002 (Omaha, NE)
  • Parking Structure @ 3535 Harney Street - 1999 (Omaha, NE)

Insurance – Claim Investigation Related Services, Various Locations

  • Acuity - Columbo Candy Warehouse @ 2570 Harney Street – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • IMT – Apartment Garage Roof Collapse @ 9315 Western Street – 2004 (Omaha, NE)

Realtor – Investigation/Modification Related Services, Various Locations

  • Lockwood Development – One California, Heavy Files – 2006 (Omaha, NE)
  • CBRE – Parking Garage (2021 Douglas) Condition Assessment – 2004 (Omaha, NE)
  • Lund – Overland Wolf Center, Prestressed Double Tee Beam – 2003 (Omaha, NE)
  • Lund – Carson Feltz Building, Wind Screen – 2003 (Omaha, NE)
  • Lund – Regency Center Building,  – 2003 (Omaha, NE)
  • Slosburg – Four Regency Plaza, Roof Penetrations – 2000 (Omaha, NE)
  • Slosburg – Four Regency Plaza, Retaining Wall – 2000 (Omaha, NE)