Bridges: Representative Value Engineering Projects

Value Engineering - 96th Street Over West Papio Creek, Sarpy County, NE
The original three span configuration was a IT900 bridge with an 81’-100’-81’ continuous span arrangement.  Due to the introduction of the NU900 and an updated FEMA flood map, the bridge superstructure was changed to a NU900 and raised to meet the revised low water elevation.  Changing the superstructure saved money by significantly reducing the number of prestressed concrete girders.  The NU900’s utilized the threaded rod continuity connection in order to create superstructure continuity before placement of the cast-in-place deck.

Value Engineering – I-80 over Platte River, Cass & Sarpy County, NE
This 10-span, 1644' long twin structure bridge replaces an existing structure.  The eastbound piers are to be constructed in the gap between the existing twin structure bridge, but partial demolition of the existing bridge would be required.  Hawkins Construction Company proposed an alternate design of the eastbound piers that would allow them to be almost completely constructed prior to any demolition.  The resulting design reduced the disruption to interstate traffic and saved several weeks in construction time.

Value Engineering – Arbor Road over I-80, Lancaster County, NE
This 2 span (142’/136’) bridge is a horizontally curved. The original design used high strength steel plate I-girders with a cast-in-place deck slab. Value engineering resulted in curved post-tensioned concrete U-girders and full-depth precast deck panels. It presents the first implementation of a curved precast concrete girder bridge in Nebraska and one of the very few in the United States. This bridge used high strength concrete and post-tensioned strands only.    This project has received local and regional awards.
* * 2006 PCI Design Award Winner * *
* * 2006 ACI Nebraska Chapter Awards of Excellence Winner * *

Value Engineering – 108th Street over BNSF Railroad, Sarpy County, NE
Redesigned the three span (15 m – 28.7 m – 15 m) precast/prestressed concrete NU 1100 I-Girder superstructure eliminating four girder lines – 12 girders total.  By eliminating girders lines, the number of required bearings at the pier was reduced.  And the abutment bearings were completely eliminated by incorporating an integral type abutment.  The intermediate diaphragms were also eliminated.  In addition to an initial cost savings of over $120,000, future maintenance costs are expected to be reduced as a result of eliminating the bearings and diaphragms.

Value Engineering – Jct. US-30/N-92 (Clarks Viaduct), Merrick County, NE
Replaced the original 527’-6” long, 4-span haunched steel plate girder superstructure design with the first high performance concrete superstructure designed in the United States using non-post-tensioned continuity for deck weight.  The value-engineered system incorporated a 100’-151’-148’-127.5’ continuous span arrangement using modified NU-1100 mm I-girders, approximately 20’ long cast-in-place haunched pier segments, and a special threaded rod “continuity connection.”  The immediate construction cost savings to the State of Nebraska was approximately $100,000.  This project has received local and regional awards.
* * 2004 PCI Design Award Winner * *

Value Engineering – Wahoo South, Saunders County, NE 
Redesign the substructure on a 1,770 foot long precast/prestressed concrete NU2000 girder bridge.  The original substructure consisted of 11 piers, with each pier having six cast-in-place columns supported on a pile cap and precast/prestressed concrete displacement piling.  There were a total of 642 concrete displacement piles.  Due to the high water level and the cost associated with de-watering, the contractor approached IS about replacing the concrete piling with drilled caissons.  InfraStructure not only redesigned the foundation elements from concrete piling to drilled caissons, but also removed two of the six columns on each pier.  The savings realized by the State of Nebraska for this portion of the project alone was estimated at over $800,000.  IS also revised the super-to-substructure support methodology resulting in the elimination of a majority of the bearings on the project.

Value Engineering – Platte River to N-31, Sarpy County, NE
Replacing a three span cast-in-place haunched slab superstructure with an Inverted Tee (IT) 300 mm precast/prestressed concrete girder superstructure.  The project resulted in cost savings, returned to NDOR, as a result of the elimination of extensive temporary falsework and also due to the increased speed of construction of the IT 300 superstructure system.

Value Engineering – OPPD Arbor Rail Line Bridge 5.90, Nebraska City, NE
Two unique precast prestressed concrete solutions were initially considered relative to the originally designed structural steel alternative.  A 66-foot long structurally efficient transversely post-tensioned adjacent box system was ultimately designed to meet the extremely restrictive structure depth constraints.  The value engineering effort resulted in a reported $70,000 initial cost savings. As a result of the special techniques used for the analysis and design of this unique structure, Bridge 5.90 has received local and regional awards.
* * 2002 PCI Design Award Winner * *
* * 2001 ACI Nebraska Chapter Awards of Excellence Winner * *