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Mon. Oct. 21st, 2019

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Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, NE

  • Millard Water Tower – Investigate tower for degree of out-of-plumbness.  Interpret results of 3D scans taken during filling of tank.
  • Operating Center Garage – Future Floor Investigation:  Review original plans to determine feasibility of adding floor above existing garage.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Florence Plant Structure Modifications for Crane Addition, Omaha, NE
Design support beams for crane.  Design alternate support for floor at new opening which required removal of existing beams and columns.  

Metropolitan Utilities District – Florence Plant Primary Basin Truss Support Uplift, Omaha, NE
Investigate significance of uplift of truss at support.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Skyline Reservoir Crane Cargo Basket Investigation, Elkhorn, NE 
Investigate capacity of cargo basket added to crane.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Minne Lusa Pumping Station
Modified an existing roof structure to accommodate placement of a 20-ton crane for maintaining and re-locating water pump equipment.  This project involved the modification of steel trusses fabricated in 1920.  Hence attention to the material properties associated with Pre A7 steel was required.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Primary Basin Truss Modification
Modification of existing trusses spanning over the primary clarification basins at the Florence station.  The modification was required to allow the placement of a new gear-box and motor for the existing impeller.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Maintenance Yard Crane
Analysis of existing pre-cast elements to allow the placement of a 5-ton crane.  This facility is used for maintaining MUD’s fleet of vehicles, therefore clearance issues were important.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Structural Investigation and Report
Investigation of structural damage and masonry deterioration at MUD’s Operating Center Rooftop Parking Garage, Florence Water Treatment Plant, Chemical Building, and Downtown Parking Garage.  Downtown Parking Garage Investigation and Report was updated in 2006.

Metropolitan Utilities District – Cable Tray Support Structure
Designed steel framing to support cable tray and catwalk at MUD’s LNG facility at 108th and Fort Streets in Omaha, NE


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