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Mon. Oct. 21st, 2019

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Southroads Mall – Tunnel Structural Investigation, Bellevue, NE
Concrete walls and concrete pan joist slabs over an underground “tunnel” dock area adjacent to a shopping mall facility was inspected and evaluated to determine the remaining structural load capacities.  A written report outlining recommendations for repairs and coordination with a concrete repair contractor was provided.

High Mast Pole Foundation Designs, Omaha, NE

  • 132nd & Dodge
  • 42nd Street @ Harney
  • Q St 158th to 170th & I St 119th to 120th

Pflug Rode Bridge over I-80 Precast Retaining Wall, Sarpy County, NE
Design of precast panel wall at abutment in front of Tensar reinforced earth.

Paxton Garage Tunnel Utility Support, Omaha, NE
Design of temporary support for sensitive, deteriorated utility conduit so that contractor could excavate and construct tunnel below.

Condition Assessment - Fire Damaged Daycare, Omaha, NE
Inspect and report structural concerns resulting from fire damage to building at 4830 Ames Avenue.

Fire Damaged Scaffold, Papillion, NE
Inspect scaffolding damaged in fire at Holiday Inn while under construction.  Insurance claim was being negotiated.

Waverly Interchange Bridge Rail Topping Investigation, Lancaster County, NE
Modifications to newly constructed bridge curb.  As constructed, curb height was inadequate.

O’Hagin’s Metal Press Foundation, Sarpy County, NE
Investigation showed that the existing slab was inadequate to support the 32 ton press.  A 12” thick mat foundation was designed to resist the static and dynamic loads.  InfraStructure was a sub-consultant to Thiele Geotech on this project.

Omaha Public Power District – Tubular Steel Pole Inspection Procedure, Omaha, NE
Development of this inspection procedure document addressed inspection personnel qualifications, materials, fabrication, and inspections/reporting.

City of Omaha – Roberts Skate Park, Omaha, NE
Investigate deteriorated concrete and presence of ASR.  Issue plans for repairs.

City of Omaha – Q Street Noise Walls (162nd – 165th), Omaha, NE
Performed structural design for the noise wall from approximately station 498+75 to 512+25.  Design was based on NDOR standards, but modified to account for up to 4.5’ of retained earth.  Provisions were incorporated for drainage of the backfill and for a drainage structure near station 508+00.  Subsequently, precast detailing of the noise wall was performed for American Precast Products Co.

Village Pointe Sculpture, Omaha, NE
Provided sculpture and foundation/anchoring design recommendations.

Dreamland Theater, Carson, Iowa
Roof condition assessment and improvements of early 1900’s era structure.  Existing roof trusses and framing showed signs of distress due to overload.

Sky Shade attachment to CU’s Russell Child Development Center, Omaha, NE
Creighton University wanted to install a canopy to block the direct sun on the children’s playground area.  The project involved working with Sky Shade USA and Creighton University to design and detail the canopy connections to the existing building roof framing structure.  Individual pier foundation recommendations were also provided.
Bemis Center’s Art 4 Omaha - Project 1, Omaha, NE
This project involved an Artist-in-Industry steel collaboration with Valmont Industries to build five original large-scale sculptures for placement at exterior areas around Qwest Center Omaha.  InfraStructure consulted with the individual artists regarding sculpture/ foundation related design issues and provided input on construction and final loading conditions at the Qwest Center.

Omaha Public Power District Substation Noise Wall, Omaha, NE
Interpreted noise study results to determine layout and height of noise walls at the substations located at 168th and Pacific Street.  Designed wall and foundations elements and developed construction documents.  Coordinated between the client and precaster to select panel architectural finishes.

FAA – Runway 30L Navigation towers at Minneapolis, MN Airport
Analysis and modification of existing navigation towers/truss used on Runway 30L (MSP).  The existing towers were modified to allow the placement of an advanced phased lighting system.  Strict tolerances were required to provide both the required clearances and light-plane.  Two of the towers were severely out of plumb.  TA devised a method to restore these towers to vertical with minimal disruption.  Due to the high volume of air traffic along this landing corridor, minimal time disruption during construction was paramount.


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