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ISG Resources
InfraStructure was previously retained by ISG Resources, Inc. of Houston, TX to verify that the mechanics and physical properties of its Dynastone product were consistent with that of conventional concrete.  ISG’s Dynastone is a concrete additive resulting in a highly corrosion resistant concrete that was being proposed for sewer pipe as well as other concrete products requiring high corrosion resistance.  This full-scale verification process was performed in conjunction with Besser-International Pipe in Sioux City, IA and the University of Nebraska testing facilities as well as other specialty testing firms.

Construction Productivity and Advancement Research (CPAR) Program on Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)
The objective was to develop and demonstrate the technical and economic viability of RPC for producing sewer and culvert pipe, pressure pipe and precast piling.  RPC is a high-ductility, high-fracture-energy, ultra-high performance, cementitious-based composite material.

Graduate Assistantship - High Performance Concrete
Developed a new high performance concrete to be used for precast concrete products.  Tested and evaluated the performance of several lightweight aggregates including Macrolite, Microlite, and Stalite.

Graduate Thesis – Full Scale Concrete Box Culvert Testing
Instrumented, monitored, and evaluated short and long-term loading of a full-scale concrete box culvert.

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