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OPPD 2006 Attachment, Street Light, and Traffic Signal Inventory
Developed an inspection database using Microsoft Access with MicroStation as a graphical user interface. The goal of this project was to efficiently and accurately inventory all street light poles, traffic signals and communication attachments on OPPD distribution poles in OPPD’s thirteen county district. Utilizing a Tablet PC, teams navigated the district using land base maps provided by OPPD in MicroStation DGN format. A custom application allowed teams to select poles on the screen and enter in all information on the pole. The application then stored the pole information into an Access database. Each team’s database was synchronized daily with the master database using a secure wireless connection. Pole attachment and street light data was exported as text files for import into OPPD’s GEMMS Database.  A report, created in Access, summarized all traffic signal data and displayed digital photographs of each signal.

OPPD Arbor Rail Line Inspection Automation Tool – Development & Implementation
Developed an inspection database using Microsoft Access with the goal of increased inspection efficiency, better management of field data entry and control of data presented in reports.  The database is loaded onto a Toughbook computer fitted with a stylus pen and protective case that serves as a tablet pc for use in the field.  Project photos are uploaded on site directly into the data base.  Reports are created with the use of a Report Generator within the Access database.  The report generator allows the user to view, print or create pdf’s of individual bridges and customize which reports to include by simply checking the appropriate boxes.  The report generator functions similar to Adobe Reader by allowing the user to navigate to individual bridges using ahead and back buttons.  The database tool provides on-site data validation through the automatic generation of pdf’s to view results at the completion of each bridge inspection to look for missing data, review photos, etc.

OPPD Distribution Pole Life Extension
Developed an inspection database using Microsoft Access with the goal of prioritizing the replacement of wooded distribution poles deemed inadequate by other selection criteria. The application allowed field crews to efficiently collect data resulting from destructive testing performed at the pole base as well as an inventory of all cables attached to the pole. The application then analyzed the pole to determine if the remaining cross section of the pole at the ground line was adequate to support the attached cables during extreme weather conditions as required by the National Electric Safety Code. Reports were created summarizing the analysis in percent of available capacity of each pole.

Union Pacific Standard Bridge Design Macro Development
Developed a macro for MicroStation SE with the goal of generating complete bridge plan sets more efficiently. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, developed by Union Pacific, exported bridge design data as a text file. The MicroStation macro read the text file and, by placing and manipulating over one thousand pre-drawn details, created a complete set of plans for the bridge, including the bill of materials. Only minor modification by a CADD technician was necessary to finalize the drawings.


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