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Sun. Aug. 25th, 2019

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Below we have listed a link to our ftp server. 

If you have not been given a username and password for access yet, please contact your project manager at InfraStructure.

Instructions for Interent Explorer 7 if you receive an error message:
After going to: you will see an error message.  You need to ignore this mesaage and choose “Open page as an ftp site” in IE under the “Page” menu. This will open another window and give you another error - ignore this error too. Close the error window and then under the ftp site “File” menu you will find a login choice.  enter your login information and you should be given access to the ftp server.  This is IE’s issue not InfraStructure's we apologize for the inconvenience.  We would always recommend the use of an ftp client like Wsftp or Filezilla.


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