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Mon. Oct. 21st, 2019

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Antelope Valley East Leg Bridge, Lincoln, NE
Stay-in-place metal form support investigation for potential value engineering proposal.

Cambridge-Holbrook Bridge, NE
Review shim, camber, and deflection information for recently constructed bridge.  Slab thickness and rebar cover was in question by NDOR.

N-31 Bridge Deck, City/County, NE
Investigation of quality of concrete deck which was subjected to rain during placement.

Midtown Crossing, Omaha, NE
Retaining Wall Feasibility Study

Willis Avenue, New York City, NY
Worked closely with Kiewit Engineering Co. to design drill rig platform and precast “box” for piers 4, 5, 6 & 7.  These piers are in the water and the precast box becomes a stay-in-place form for the permanent pier concrete.  The structure is a swing-span bridge replacement over the Harlem River in New York. 

Girder Stability Analysis of Gibson Road Viaduct over Main Line BNSF, Omaha, NE
Investigate girder stability at time of crane release when girders are set into position on substructures.  Girders are horizontally curved steel plate girders.

7th Street Bridge over Union Pacific Railroad, Kansas City, KS

  • Temp Pier Falsework for Piers 16, 17, & 18
  • Girder Erection Sequence Review
  • Temp Deck Support for Units 8, 9, & 10

Topeka Boulevard Bridge over Kansas River, Topeka, KS

  • Review Bridge Removal Plan over rail
  • Investigate Slab Bridge Shoring
  • Deck Forming Info Review & Inspection

I-80 over Platte River, Cass & Sarpy County, NE

  • Substructure Redesign
  • Construction Loads on Existing WB bridge
  • Piling Issue (6" off)
  • Abutment Phasing Revision
  • Abutment No 1 Fixes

I-480/US75 Interchange Reconstruction, Omaha, NE

  • I-480/US75 Demolition Shoring
  • Bridge 1, Girder Erection Bent Design
  • Bridge 2, Girder D Impact Damage
  • Bridge 3, Pier 2 Rebar Couplers & Pier 3 Repairs

Platte River East, Saunders and Douglas Counties, NE

  • Br 282 & 256, Modified to Std NU 1800
  • Pier Diaphragm Concrete Strength
  • Finger expansion joint

Peer Review, Various Projects/Locations

  • Florida I-10 Pier E2/T10
  • England Park Through-truss
  • Bridge 11A Temporary Widening

Platte River East, Saunders and Douglas Counties, NE

  • Br 282 & 256, Modified to Std NU 1800
  • Pier Diaphragm Concrete Strength
  • Finger expansion joint

West Dodge Expressway, Omaha, NE

  • Pier cap stability
  • Pier 38EB
  • Pier 2E Temp Shoring

Girder Repair and Structural Integrity Review, BNSF Abbott to Michael, Cairo, NE
Precast/prestressed concrete girder damage and subsequent repairs on BNSF Railroad Bridge Nos. 105.67, 106.6, 107.65, and 108.84 on the Abbott to St. Michael Line in Cairo, NE were investigated.  Girder production and bridge erection was investigated to determine the cause of the damage to the girders.  The structural integrity of the repaired girders was certified. 

10th Street Viaduct Replacement Project, Omaha, NE
As part of this bridge replacement project, adjacent buildings required temporary shoring and the tracks on the railroad corridor below required protection from falling debris.  InfraStructure designed the necessary temporary shoring as well as reviewed the bridge removal plan.  A special investigation of the adequacy of the proposed track protection plan was required and involved field observation and documentation of the proposed protection system. 

Dodge Street over I-480, Omaha, NE
Demolition plan review.  Plan involved the use of explosives on the bridge support columns in order to demolish the structure prior to removal and cleanup.

Marine Parkway Bridge, New York, New York
Alternate precast deck panel design.


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