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Dow Chemical Co RR Br 60
Design of 25’ BNSF/UP railroad precast box beam for Dow Chemical Company per AREMA.  BNSF/UP standards did not apply because of limited ballast and stringent clear cover requirements.

OPPD Arbor Rail Line Inspection Automation Tool – Development & Implementation
Developed an inspection database using Microsoft Access with the goal of increased inspection efficiency, better management of field data entry and control of data presented in reports.  The database is loaded onto a Toughbook computer fitted with a stylus pen and protective case that serves as a tablet pc for use in the field.  Project photos are uploaded on site directly into the data base.  Reports are created with the use of a Report Generator within the Access database.  The report generator allows the user to view, print or create pdf’s of individual bridges and customize which reports to include by simply checking the appropriate boxes.  The report generator functions similar to Adobe Reader by allowing the user to navigate to individual bridges using ahead and back buttons.  The database tool provides on-site data validation through the automatic generation of pdf’s to view results at the completion of each bridge inspection to look for missing data, review photos, etc.

OPPD Arbor Rail Line Inspection – 2003, 2004, & 2005
Provided Field Inspection Services on the Arbor Line consisting of 60 single track railroad bridges.  Field work included visual inspection, pile sounding, wood rot detection, data and photo collection.  Office work involved updating files and providing maintenance recommendations.  Files were presented in PDF format with a hyperlink index.

UPRR Bridge 210.52, Valley Sub.
Timber Deck replacement of 3-140 ft TTROD, 1-236 ft. TTPOD swing span, 1-100 ft. TTROD spans.  Existing bridge trusses are narrow, and required careful layout of tie spacers and grating panels.  Plans include standard tie details and tie dimension charts.

UPRR Bridge 353.29, Winnemucca Sub.
Timber Deck replacement of 5-span , 285 ft. DPGOD bridge.  Bridge is horizontally curved and includes double walkways with steel grating.  Plans include standard tie details and tie dimension charts.

UPRR, Grade Separation Review, MP 87.55, Harvard Sub.
Review contractor submittal of temporary shoring for new pier construction adjacent to railroad.  The plans were prepared by Wisconsin DOT.  The work consisted of review of shoring design and details for compliance with UPRR guidelines and AREMA design criteria.

OPPD Five Mile Creek H&H Study, near bridge 4.60
Conducted several site visits to review local topography and perform a hydrologic study and determine design flow rates.  The hydraulic engineering of the new culvert utilized HEC-RAS computer modeling to determine pipe size and flow characteristics.  Also administered the permitting process. 

OPPD Drainage Structures, Syracuse, NE at ARL M.P. 26.00
Performed site investigation, survey, geotechnical investigation, and H&H analysis.  The design resulted in a Double 9’x5’ RCB Culvert.  Final plans include Precast Concrete RCB details w/ steel couplers, cast-in-place wing wall and apron details and site grading plan.

OPPD North Omaha Trestle Inspection and Rating
Inspection and rating of 8-span, 240 ft. steel trestle open deck bridge located at the OPPD North Omaha Power Plant.  The bridge substructure consists of steel H-pile and built-up caps, steel channel sway and longitudinal bracing.  The superstructure consists of wide flange steel stringers.

OPPD Coal Unloading Trestle, Pier No. 16, Nebraska City Power Plant.
Pier No. 16 was damaged by the front-end loader.  A large section of the corner of the pier concrete was broke off and the vertical reinforcement was displaced.  The scope of the project involved a site visit and to provide a repair plan.  The repair consisted of heat straightening of the bent rebar and the concrete repaired with structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor. 

Value Engineering of OPPD Arbor Rail Line Bridge 5.90, Nebraska City, NE
Two unique precast prestressed concrete solutions were initially considered relative to the originally designed structural steel alternative.  A 66-foot long structurally efficient transversely post-tensioned adjacent box system was ultimately designed to meet the extremely restrictive structure depth constraints.  The value engineering effort resulted in a reported $70,000 initial cost savings. As a result of the special techniques used for the analysis and design of this unique structure, Bridge 5.90 has received local and regional awards.
* * 2002 PCI Design Award Winner * *
* * 2001 ACI Nebraska Chapter Awards of Excellence Winner * *


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