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InfraStructure responds to structural engineering and related challenges by efficiently employing its human resources, technology, and external relationships to achieve success for its clients and employees.

Discussions about the possibility of starting a new structural engineering firm first took place in mid 1996.  Planning progressed and its founding partners - Karen Bexten, Scott Gilliland, and Maher Tadros started Tadros Associates, LLC, on March 10, 1997, in Omaha, Nebraska.  Although initially focused on innovative bridges, over time the firm’s experience, client base, and staff increased.  On August 14, 2006, the name was changed to InfraStructure, LLC, to more closely reflect the wider cross-section of structural engineering and related services available to its clients.

Since its inception, InfraStructure has worked on projects in Omaha, Nebraska, the Midwest, and throughout the United States (as well as some other Countries) on both conventional and innovative/award winning design, construction, and special projects.  Its clients include owners, architects, engineers, contractors, precasters/fabricators, software developers, insurance companies, realtors, attorneys, developers, technical associations/organizations, as well as other A/E/C related consultants.

Core Values
As part of the many discussions between the Founding Members prior to starting the firm, several core values began to emerge and now continue to form the cornerstones of the organization.  The following is a summary:

  • Attract and retain the best/brightest and honest/loyal people
  • Support continuing technical education and professional development
  • Provide competitive compensation and benefits for its valued  employees
  • Execute unique and challenging engineering projects passionately
  • Complete conventional engineering projects efficiently
  • Implement honest and efficient business processes
  • Emphasize a working management philosophy
  • Keep overhead to a minimum
  • Remain on the cutting edge
  • Improve continuously
  • Focus on quality
  • Add client value
  • Be responsive
  • Be flexible


The IS team has access to the latest design, drafting, and office efficiency software.

The bridge team, in addition to its internally developed design tools, uses the following specialized bridge engineering design and production drawing software: 

  • Bentley/LEAP’s Conspan 
  • Bentley/LEAP’s RC-Pier
  • IS’s Creep3 
  • Bridgesoft’s Steelbridge 

InfraStructure is capable of preparing designs and construction drawings according to AASHTO (Standard or LRFD) and AREMA bridge design criteria, in metric or in english units, and in either AutoCAD or MicroStation formats. 

Building lateral and gravity structural analysis and design is performed on a RISA software platform (2D, 3D, Floor).  Specialty software is also available for other structural component designs including masonry, columns/footings, and retaining walls.  Drawings are generally prepared using the Autodesk software platform (AutoCAD - Architectural Desktop, Revit), unless otherwise desired.

InfraStructure’s precast group uses Bentley/LEAP Sofware’s Presto and Axsys programs to support its engineering activities.  Erection and shop drawings are prepared using Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Revit Structures.

The “Microsoft Office” office efficiency suite is used internally. 

InfraStructure maintains a redundant server based network to support independent workstations for each employee/owner.  Microsoft Exchange is hosted on a dedicated server and is used in support of internal/external work processes and communications.  An ftp site is available to allow for efficient transfer of large amounts of project data or large design files.  As part of InfraStructure’s business continuity planning, all company data and project files are replicated in real time to multiple servers, both on and off site.  Backups are performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and stored locally on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device – to facilitate efficient data recovery.

Business Insurance
InfraStructure performs an annual risk management checkup and maintains its portfolio of industry standard business insurances.



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